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Weight Loss and Probiotics

Could Probiotics help with Weight Loss?

Weight Loss and Probiotics

Obesity is increasing steadily among adults, adolescents and children and is now considered a worldwide epidemic.

The gut serves as an ecologic unit harboring some 1014 bacteria, including up to 2000 species. Intestinal bacteria (microbiota) affect the amount of energy extracted from food and consequently helps increase the storage of lipids in the body.
Probiotics Weight Loss Treatment – Expert Advice

Benefits of Probiotics for Weight Loss

In the last years obesity has been associated with alterations in the balance between different populations of bacteria that live in our gut. Researches showed that the proportion of different populations of bacteria found in the intestines is different in lean and overweight people.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms now produced as probiotic supplements. Adequate incorporation of probiotics into a diet contributes to restore the balance of the digestive tract bacteria in overweight subjects and may help support weight loss.

Promising Research Results for Weight Loss

The effects of probiotics on body weight, adiposity, or food intake, are now being extensively explored. A recent study showed how the daily administration to obese women of the probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus for 12 weeks, helped them loose two times more weight than the placebo group of women. The weight loss achieved was sustainable during the following 12 weeks [1]).

In another study, 97 overweight subjects have been enrolled. Half of them were asked to consume every day for 12 weeks fermented milk containing a probiotic strain called L. gasseri and the other half was given fermented milk without probiotics. The subjects in the probiotic group showed reduced abdominal adiposity and body weight, suggesting its beneficial influence on obesity [2]).

Conclusion: Probiotics Treatment for Weight Loss

These studies indicate that consuming the right composition of probiotic supplements may support better metabolism and help in weight control. We found two products that contain the required probiotic strains – you are invited to click on the link to find the Weight Loss Probiotics Supplements.

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Weight Loss Probiotics Treatment – Research Resources

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