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Rob Knight’s TED Talk about Probiotics

Rob Knight: How Our Microbes Make Us Who We Are Rob Knight, a microbial ecologist, is a pioneer in studying the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies, which he calls human microbes. In this great TED Talk …

Avi TrevesRob Knight’s TED Talk about Probiotics
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Complete Probiotics

The bacteria in your body outnumber the cells in your body by ten to one. Yes, there’s a hundred trillion bacteria and only ten trillion of your cells. In this video, Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses a new complete probiotics formula, …

Avi TrevesComplete Probiotics
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Mental Health and Probiotics

Our mental state can affect our gut but can our gut affect our mental state? Dr. Michael Greger explains the connection between probiotics and mental health in an interesting and informative video. If you prefer reading, scroll right below the …

Avi TrevesMental Health and Probiotics