Complete Probiotics Video

Complete Probiotics

The bacteria in your body outnumber the cells in your body by ten to one. Yes, there’s a hundred trillion bacteria and only ten trillion of your cells.
In this video, Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses a new complete probiotics formula, diet and more tips for getting the optimal benefits.

Complete Probiotics Diet and Tips

The bacteria comprise of a few powers, mostly in your intestinal system. Your digestive system is responsible for about eighty percent of the function of your immune system. And it’s not only your immune system. Your mind and your mood are largely controlled by the functioning of a healthy gut. The majority of the serotonin produced in your body is produced in your gut, not in your brain. The gut is truly a second brain.

What can you do to improve your bacteria? Stay away from sugar, eliminate it from your diet. Add more vegetables to your diet. They feed the good bacteria and hurt the bad bacteria.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola

More tips? Avoid commercial unnatural yogurt, drink clean water, avoid antibacterial soap, use organic produce, take probiotics on an empty stomach (before meals). The video is very interesting and includes many guidelines and important tips. And naturally, Dr. Mercola also promotes his own brand of probiotics, which we can’t endorse for lack of information.

Watch this video by Dr. Mercola to learn more about the best diet and how to maintain healthy complete probiotics (his website is here). It is presented to you as a service by the Probiotics Life website.

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